Sunday, April 22, 2007

State Funeral for Party Bishop

Hong Kong (AsiaNews) – Michele Fu Tieshan, Patriotic Archbishop of Beijing, will receive a funeral fit for a “head of state”. There will be no Vatican representative present, neither the religious ceremony nor the state burial.
Church sources in Hong Kong told AsiaNews that members of the Beijing Patriotic Association expressed their desire that there should be a Vatican representative at the burial, but it is “highly improbable that someone will attend. There was no Vatican representative at last year’s funeral of msgr. Li Duan [archbishop of Xian] who was in deep communion with the Pope and Vatican”. Despite this, the sources add, all of the faithful in China and abroad “should pray for his soul, which is now at the mercy of God’s justice”.
see below for background!
Pray for the soul of this poor man, that he maybe numbered amongst the faithful departed!

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Michael Petek said...

A state funeral! That's more than they gave Cranmer.