Friday, April 27, 2007

Mstislav Rostropovich died today

The Great Rostropovich Playing the Dvorak Cello Concerto with Carlo Maria Giulini and the London Philharmonic Orchestra.
Say a prayer for him

I this story from a friend who was also a friend of Slava's which i hope she doesn't mind if I share:

I had the honour of being Slava's neighbour and friend in Little Venice, west London, for the last 18 years. He was a delight, often phoning to ask for a special favour - and often one that would not be easy to deliver, such as a dinner party for 10 in his flat that evening. The request would always end: "If you can't help me, I suicide immediate!"

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting this on the blog and asking for prayers for Slava. Comment from Moira