Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Apostolic Christmas Trees

I have always been quite scrupulous, maybe I have been a bit neurotic and not put up a tree in the house until Christmas Eve. Well the truth is I normally don't get a chance to do it on Christmas Eve, after a few hours of confessions and organising decorating the Church, I am too tired. I'm tired too on Christmas day and besides it is a Holy Day and one is supposed to rest from sevile work so, I feel a bit embarassed to say this, they go up on Boxing Day, or even the day after.
BUT look you here! The Apostolic Christmas Trees are erected today, a huge pine tree in St Peter's Square and in the Audience Hall there is one with decorations on it!!! Although there are no lights or candles but is up with tinsell and ribbons.


Michael Petek said...

I wouldn't worry about the Christmas tree going up as late as Christmas Eve. Both my parents were from the Continent, and when my father was alive that's the day the tree would go up anyway.

My mother used to tell me that, when she was growing up in East Prussia her father and eldest brother would put the tree up on the evening of Christmas Eve, and the rest of the family were strictly forbidden to enter the living room until they'd finished.

Anonymous said...

good work Ray, keep it up,

Anonymous, St Joseph's Guildford