Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Alice von Hilderbrand on the Supernatural

Fascinating, provocative article, just like Alice herself, she is the wife of the philosopher and 20th century commentator Dietrich von Hildebrand.
Do comment on it, you can do it anonymously.

"Let me quote Kierkegaard who has a superb formulation. He said: "Christ changed water into wine. Modern theologians do a lot better than that, they change wine into water".

The woman has a great advantage over the human male, she is receptive and religiously speaking, receptivity is a crucial virtue. The Holy Virgin taught us that when she said at the Annunciation "Be it done to me according to Thy Word". She wasn’t doing, she said "be it done". In other words she was receptive and her receptivity enabled the Holy Spirit to fecundate her and at that very moment the Son of God was made incarnate in her womb.

And this is why the female body should be veiled because everything which is sacred calls for veiling. When Moses came down form Mount Sinai, he veiled his face. Why did he veil his face? Because he had spoken to God and at that very moment there was a sacredness that called for veiling.



Anonymous said...

I am perfectly happy for Alice Von Hilderbrand to veil herself - preferably in a large blanket. Her essentialist view of women leaves us being described as fixed and immutable objects. The French feminist Helene Cixous emphasized the necessity of women to speak out not to shroud themselves in mysticism, "to write themselves." This cannot be achieved if we only consider ourselves as receptive vessels. We should be celebrating the feminine by externalising it. More vest tops in church I say.

Jodi Moore said...

I was listening to Germaine Greer on the radio a few days ago, she was talking about the sexuality and power of rural Italian women she lived amongst in her youth (40 yrs ago?). Nowadays no seems to be powerful in their sexuality, I think this why we try so hard - and unfortunately fail. Men as well as women - the casualties are children.

anon 2 said...

Did anonymous read the whole article?

Anonymous said...

The veiling of some female flesh would be a blessing

Anonymous said...

Veiling some female bodies in this weather might be a blessing

Anonymous said...

Veiling female bodies might sometimes be a blessing